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Brenda Kwon

I love hearing about your travels and also seeing things through your eyes, ears, and heart. Thank you for posting this!


Firstly - a dog is not just a dog. The grief is very real. I love your post - especially because I love travel writing pieces. I'm hoping to transcribe my own travel journals online one day. looking forward to reading many more!
(Fellow BftH-er)


Carole! I am so sorry about your loss - I didn't know about Monte... {{{Hugs}}}

I love your polaroid photo!!! and your description of Marrakesh is captivating : ) I wish I could be there... Morocco is on my traveling list since my childhood ha, ha.

love : *


I'm so sorry for your loss Carole. Loving on you, lady. Beautiful photos from your trip. Sounds like it was magical. xo

Karen D

Carole.. I am so sorry to hear about your loss, our animal companions are such a big part of our lives..
Your trip to Morocca looks amazing.


Janis McCallen

Dear Carole, I enjoyed reading your post about Morocco. Your descriptions used all of your senses and made the experience for me, as the reader, come alive. I'm very sorry about the sudden loss of your dog. That must have been such a shock. Sending hugs.

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