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Hello! I'm Carole residing in both Denver, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have many interests, so I see myself as the combination of a personal, food, travel, photography, animal, and cultural critic blogger. I'm new to blogging but I am excited to write about my many interests and share my photographs which are snippets from my daily life and my travels.

By profession, I am a literary researcher specializing in American and Native American Literature. However, because I have many interests, I hope to utilize this space as a forum to write about them in a fun and interesting way.

The idea for my blog's name comes from my desire to impart a sense of the old "literary salons" where many topics were discussed and my dog, Maisie, who was one of my soul dogs. She is no longer with me but continues to live on in my heart. Once you get to know me, you'll discover that I am an avid dog and cat lover and have a great love of travel.

I am proud of my Native American heritage from the Southern California Luiseño tribe and am originally from California. I'm also joyous to be a cancer survivor!

I look forward to you joining me on this journey!!!


Literature, Art, Travel, music, Healthy, Organic, Sustainable Food, Cooking, Wine, Photography, Dogs, Cats, Animals, Movies, Music, Ice Hockey, specifically the Colorado Avalanche, Hiking and the Outdoors, Yoga, Pilates, Fashion, Home, Gardening. Is there anything I haven't covered yet?